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4 things to consider when designing your dream bathroom:

In the modern day we’re seeing bathrooms move towards decorative, living spaces that not only offer the opportunity to celebrate our design personalities, but also spaces that invite mindfulness, reflection and wellbeing… much more than simply brushing your teeth.

With a few key design tweaks, you can transform your bathroom into a space that not only works better but looks better too! Read on to see what you can do to bring the magic back to your bathroom.

1. Time for more "Room" and less bathroom:

In line with the trend of bathrooms becoming less … ‘bathroomy’, consider borrowing decorating ideas from the rest of the house. You could add inviting soft furnishings, such as rugs and curtains; striking furniture pieces, such as vintage washstand or even hang a bold bathroom wallpaper.

If you’re unsure where to start, it’s always best to work with your existing palette to ensure a flow between spaces – between your bedroom and your bathroom, for example. If you go with white, consider which elements you could use from other spaces – similar tiles or materials, for example, or the same accent paint colour.

A statement chair in the corner of your space is a great way to boost your scheme’s decorative credentials, or add a stool to the shower (or a built-in seat if your space allows for it) for a place to perch mid-wash that doubles up as a handy spot for your lotions and potion.

2. Bespoke storage solutions:

Bespoke bathroom storage is well worth the investment, especially in projects where space is limited. From custom-made bathroom vanities to recessed glass medicine cabinets, made-to-measure storage can be an absolute game changer!

The key is to think about what needs to be stored – be it towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, bath toys or the family medicine kit – and plan around that. The beauty of going bespoke is that you can build your storage to the exact depth and height you need for your essentials.

3. Bring the heat!:

Bathroom heating, while often unconsidered as a design tweak, is an absolute game-changer in a bathroom. Adding comfort and luxury – particularly when you step out of the shower on those chilly winter mornings – it’s also another design opportunity.

If you have a small space, treat your toes to underfloor heating, or if your space is big enough, you could opt for a heated towel rail or radiator to keep the room cosy. In this bathroom we went for a traditional style, choosing to install a towel rail which matches the grey theme seen throughout the bathroom. However, why not mix things up and go with a unique colour scheme i.e., Black – if your project allows, of course!

4. Marvel at marble:

Marble is known to be the ultimate in luxury, providing cool elegance to a space – no matter the size – and bringing natural artwork with its unique veining.

While often used on horizontal surfaces, such as vanity worktops, marble used on vertical surfaces can have striking effect.

If you don’t have the budget for the real thing, you can embrace this timeless look with floor-to-ceiling feature tiles in a marble-effect porcelain, such as the large format tiles shown here. They’re teamed with rich brassware for extra warmth. Alternatively, add accents of marble in smaller doses with a feature splashback or bath surround.

If you have the budget, embrace this timeless, trending material with floor-to-ceiling tiles, or create features with a marble splashback, bath surround or feature shower wall shown here – teamed with bronze fittings that pull out the metallic tints in the veining.

Our team at Astrid Design and Build has a great experience in bathroom (and residential projects as a whole), so if you’re currently trying to plan your bathroom makeover then why not make sure you have an expert team on your side by working with us.

For inspiration, check out our existing bathroom projects here. Otherwise, if you’re thinking of starting your own unique project give us a call on +44 (0)20 7424 8855 for a conversation with our dedicated team where one of our experienced experts can advise you on how to turn your ideas into reality!

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