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Benefits Of Renovating Your Space During Winter

Choosing when to carry out a commercial renovation can have a significant impact on the project. A lot of businesses don’t consider winter for renovation, but it might be worth discussing.

Despite prime construction season being summer, there are quite a few benefits of doing a renovation during the winter. Below are some of the benefits of holding out until the colder months!

More Timeline Flexibility

Since it’s off-season for most contractors, this may mean that you have more flexibility with your project timeline. The extra flexibility will also allow you more time to make important decisions and discuss different options for your project.

Slower Business Time

For many businesses, the winter is a slower time of year. In these cases, it’s the perfect time of year for a renovation. Closing your business during winter will have less of an impact on your operations and profit. The slow-paced season will also provide you more time to plan out the project from start to finish carefully. It will also allow you to prepare your business for the busier seasons.

Faster Building Permits

It’s likely that there are fewer building permits being submitted during the colder months. This means faster processing time, resulting in less waiting around, enabling you to streamline your project.

Opportunity To Update Your Heating

Renovating during the winter months allows you to upgrade your heating/cooling systems to more energy-efficient models. In addition to this, you can improve insulation by swapping out old windows and improving heat retention. This could save you a lot of money during the colder months when you re-open!

More Business

If winter is a slower month for you, carrying out a renovation during this time can actually get you more business in the long run. People are curious by nature, which means a grand re-opening can massively increase your foot traffic.

Ultimately, every commercial renovation is unique and may have specific requirements that are season dependent. If you’re considering a renovation of your business space, the best thing you can do is get in touch with us! We’d be more than happy to answer your questions and offer advice on what we believe would be best for your project.

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