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How the hospitality sector can comeback!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The hospitality industry has really felt the full effects of the pandemic, being shut for the best part of a year has really taken its toll on many pubs, restaurants, theatres, hotels and various other services – both big and small. However, with the roadmap out of the pandemic being set out, it looks like that the hospitality industry will not have to wait long to being to get back on track.

With the hospitality industry being able to open soon, there is no doubt that business owners are going to want to make sure their buildings are in their best shape for the day their doors reopen. With our countless commercial projects, this got us thinking… What is the best way for hospitality owners to utilise their indoor areas?

Here is our thoughts:

Open Planning

With social distancing still being something to think about, seating areas are still going to have to be spaced apart. An open plan space will provide a larger space able to seat more customers. Switching to an open plan refurbishment could be the answer for many hospitality owners.

Commercial Refurbishment and Redesign Service | ASTRID Design and Build

Our full refurbishment, alongside KAI Interiors, of Kahani in Belgravia, London really shows how a minimalistic open plan design can allow for a higher influx of seating whilst allowing for a comfortable amount of space between each table.

Utilise Outside Areas

We know this may not be the answer for everyone, however if possible, utilising your outside areas will be a key aspect of getting hospitality back on its feet. As the sun comes out, Beer Gardens and outdoor seating will be in demand, so if possible, make the most of it. Outdoor spaces can provide a new dimension to any build, a lot of the time providing a much more relaxed vibe to indoor areas of restaurants. Right now, many people are looking for relaxation not formality, so if you’ve not already considered it, utilising or creating an outdoor area could be a game changer for any hospitality business.

Commercial Refurbishment and Redesign Service | ASTRID Design and Build
Powderkeg, London

Big or small, an outdoor area can make all the difference, especially in these times. Our work alongside KAI Interiors, for Powderkeg in Clapham Junction, London, shows how a small outside area really can provide a relaxed feel to any hospitality industry. Big or small, an outdoor area can make all the difference, especially in these times.

Create A Relaxed Environment

With the uncertainty of the world at the moment, there no doubt that it’s a stressful time for everyone. Even as things open, many people will still be cautious going to certain places, especially busy hospitality areas. However, a great way to provide reassurance is to create a calming and relaxed environment via aesthetic. While many pubs colour schemes are dominated by unwelcoming burgundy and beiges, the colours of light blues, greens and warming shades of pinks and yellows can really change a build from intimidating to welcoming. As well as letting natural light in allowing for a feeling of tranquillity.

Commercial Refurbishment and Redesign Service | ASTRID Design and Build

Another one of our London commercial projects, once again worked alongside KAI Interiors, shows how the use of palette colours and bright natural light can really provide a build with a very calm and relaxing vibe. With things opening up again, you don’t want your business to feeling like it has customer expectation – make it feel welcoming to all!

Personally, we think these three ideas are a great way of creating the best possible aesthetic and environment as hospitality slowing beings to reopen. If you have any thoughts on the points we made, or if you have your own ideas regarding the topic then let us know in the comments below. To all the pubs, restaurants, bars and other hospitality industries, we wish you all the best for when you reopen!

Our clients can be assured of receiving exceptional service and standards from project inception right through to completion, including the all-important aftercare. So if you are interested in getting your Bar, Restaurant or any other building transformed for reopening then don’t hesitate to contact us.


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