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What To Expect During A Commercial Renovation

Have you got a commercial renovation coming up? Or are you considering the process? Well then, this blog is a must-read!

What is a commercial renovation?

A commercial renovation is the update or remodel of a building that contains a private business. The main goals of a commercial renovation project are usually to extend or maximise existing space and to improve the customer experience to increase sales.

There are a lot of different features to consider when renovating your restaurant, shop or even just your commercial property. For example, if you are renovating a restaurant you need to consider the layout so that it is easy for your waiters to move between tables, is it easy for your bar staff to get to everything they need, and is your restaurant accessible? Now, think of lighting…what mood are you trying to create within your commercial property, natural light creates a boost of serotonin helping to maintain a happy relaxed mood.

If you aren’t sure how to make the most of your commercial space, take a look at the blog post here.

Now with so many different things to consider, what sort of process are you looking at?

How long do they take?

Each renovation is different, and the time taken depends on the scale and complexity of both the existing space and the project itself. A small-scale project such as updating décor and changing features like the flooring can take anywhere from two weeks, whilst a larger-scale renovation such as extending or redesigning the floor plan can take months to complete.

When estimating the timeline for a commercial renovation, it’s important to consider how it will affect your business. If the renovation is going to take a long time, you should consider scheduling it during the quietest period of the year for your business.

Pre – Construction

After you have hired a company for your commercial renovation, your project will move into a pre-construction stage. During this stage, you can expect to finalise your contracts, perfect your plans and begin sourcing the materials and equipment needed.

Although this stage can be tricky, working with a Design & Build company takes away most of the challenges. With their expertise, they should be able to advise on and source the equipment and materials needed to ensure the best results.


In this phase, your project will begin to take shape as construction begins. During construction, the Design & Build company will do what they’re best at! Ensuring that their schedules are streamlined, and everything is running smoothly. You may however need to be available to consult over any unseen events that may play out.

Another consideration for this stage is the surrounding neighbours, it’s important to ensure that the renovation of your business isn’t affecting them. It’s useful to warn any neighbours beforehand and keep them updated on the timeline of the project.

Other than this, as the owner of the business, there isn’t much you should need to do during the construction phase!

Post – Construction

During the post-construction phase, the building will undergo final inspections and will get the green light to go ahead and re-open!

This is one of the easiest phases of the commercial renovation process however, it is just as crucial as the other two.

Taking on a commercial renovation can seem overwhelming. But with careful preparation and the right team on hand to support you the process should run smoothly. To get a better understanding of the commercial renovation process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today:

Looking for some inspiration? We have included some of our favourite renovation projects below!

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